Αγαπημένα Social

Dimitris Papaioannou

Primal Matter

Circle A: 1-23 June (Except from Mo, Tu, We), Circle B: 27 June -14 July (Except from Mo, Tu, We)
, 21:00
Peiraios 260, Building A
Concept - Direction - Set, Costumes and Lighting Design
Dimitris Papaioannou
Sound Design
Kostas Michopoulos
Assistant Director - Artistic Production Coordinator
Tina Papanikolaou
Assistant Director – Stage manager
Dinos Nikolaou
Rehearsal Director
Pavlina Andriopoulou
Assistant set designer
Dimitris Theodoropoulos
Michael Theophanous + Dimitris Papaioannou
The motif of a body wrestling with its own image can be traced throughout Dimitris Papaioannou’s creative output, right back to his beginnings in 1986. With Primal Matter (2012), he chooses to go back to basics at a critical moment in time, with this embodied work cutting across a traumatised sense of national identity in Greece today: the body nude and dressed, silent and dismembered, the body as a battlefield in a dialogue between history and the present, walking the line between identity and otherness. This multi-talented artist returns to the stage as a performer alongside his new co-lead in a rawer version of the work that is also richer from the experiences of the past year.

Produced by the Athens Festival 2012, 2WORKS 2013
With the support of EMPAC
80 min.
Ticket Prices
20€ (Discount)
15€ (Students)
5€ (People with Movement Difficulties, Unemployed)
Advance Booking: 20 May