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Fiona Shaw

Samuel Taylor Coleridge, The Rime of the Ancient Mariner

3-4 August, 21:30  Little Theatre of Ancient Epidaurus
Fiona Shaw
Daniel Hay-Gordon

Mises en Scenes
Phyllida Lloyd
Kim Brandstrup

Jean Kalman

Mel Mercier

Stage Management
Kate Davy
Claire Bejanin
A two hundred and fourteen year-old poem brought on stage in 2012. The celebrated Fiona Shaw returns to Epidaurus – to the Little Theatre this time – inspired by England’s quintessential Romantic poet, Samuel Taylor Coleridge.Charismatic and exuberant, Coleridge (1772-1883) was anything but a conformist. Rejecting the literary strictures of his age, he would prove himself a genuine forerunner of Modernism, combining a poetic imagination and unfailing creativity with critical thinking. The Rime of the Ancient Mariner  uses its hero’s voyage to Antarctica  to chart Man’s wanderings through  the world in search of meaning.
A collaboration between Fiona Shaw Phyllida Lloyd & Kim Brandstrup
Coproduced by Fitzroy Production
Original research supported by Jerwood Studio at Sadler’s Wells’
In English with Greek surtitles